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What is a NAS server?

A NAS (Network Attached Storage) server is a simple data storage device. It operates within a local network and allows quick access to stored files for any device on the network. These servers function on the basis of hard disks - basic devices can contain up to 4 memory components, however those intended for broader applications, e.g. company's, can function on the basis of several dozen disks.

Due to their simple structure, NAS servers are mainly used at home or in places where a large amount of data needs to be temporarily stored, e.g. hotel surveillance video files. An additional advantage of this solution is the almost immediate access to the stored files, for each device of the local network, as well as their free transfer within the users of a given network or, with the use of appropriate protocols, beyond local access.

NAS servers

We offer NAS servers that are suitable for both business and home use. Devices for office use should allow for adequate protection, so you should always choose servers that offer more space. A rack-mounted NAS guarantees easy expansion or serviceable parts. The individual disks can be used to create a secure RAID space. So if you're looking for hardware that meets the needs of your business, a QNAP or Synology NAS server will prove to be the best choice due to its reliability.

NAS file servers are based on radio communications, but you can also get a wired connection. This will be more secure for business networks and provide fast data transmission, which can be beneficial when large numbers of files need to be transferred. Wired connectivity can also be a reliable solution if the server is to be used by several people at the same time.

NAS server for the home

Looking for a server to make managing your home file library easier? A Wi-Fi NAS server is the perfect solution for your home network. It allows you to access data from any device connected to your network. As well as PCs, this could include people's smartphones, TVs or tablets.

Using servers at home allows you to quickly access your favourite media - movies, photos or music files. NAS is also useful in running a one-person business, especially if you work with large amounts of data. Check our offer and choose a device that meets your needs. If you need support - write to us and our specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the best NAS server for you.