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Access points at the office

Wi-Fi is now a standard not only in homes. Large offices are also moving away from wired Internet connections. To maximise access to the Internet, Access Points are used to extend the range of the local network, allowing to connect wireless devices to the Internet and servers.

In order to maximise the possibilities of your network, choose an access point that meets the most important technical criteria. First of all, pay attention to the strength of the transmitter and supported types of communication - most models support Wi-Fi standard. In our offer you will find Access Points working in 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and those that combine both standards.

In offices and large company areas, e.g. in warehouses, Access Points with the highest possible transmitter power - 26 dBm is the maximum permissible power, regulated by the European law. It will give you the best possible network coverage. Pay attention to the antennas. In our offer you will find Access Points with external as well as built-in antennas that will improve signal quality and cover a wider area. It is worth to choose models with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) module, whose installation does not require a separate power supply, but only needs to be connected to a router or switch.

Access points in the home

Modernity in homes requires the construction of a good Internet network that allows you to manage your home automation without complications. Thanks to Access Points, you can easily achieve the highest possible level of radio connection of the devices that are to affect the comfort of your everyday life. They are used not only to facilitate access to personal network devices such as computers, TVs and printers, but also to achieve maximum functionality of smart home systems.

By using an access point, you will increase the network coverage not only within the building, but also outside. You can easily use the Internet in the garden, and thus there will be no need for cabling to connect remote management systems of entrance gates or cameras.

Access point - which one to choose?

In our offer you will find access points adjusted to your preferences and needs. We suggest a selection of devices based on the intended use - you may decide on a single Access Point, which will cover the entire house, or a set of several Access Points for indoor and outdoor use. Create the best quality network of local devices and choose equipment with PoE ports. This will allow you to power the Access Point just by connecting it to your router. If you are not sure which device will be suitable, write to us - our specialists will give you professional advice.