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RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the most important components needed for the operation of any computer or laptop. Servers should be fitted with a slightly different type of RAM, preferably based on the DDR4 standard, which is characterised by energy efficiency and higher throughput compared to the DDR3 standard. The 1.2V voltage of the DDR4 RAM standard significantly reduces the power consumption required to operate the component, which is extremely important in server solutions.

In order to achieve the highest performance of the entire server, it is good to choose ECC (Error Correction Code) RAM dice - they are characterised by an extended data bus and the function of sending a control code along with data, which catches possible transmission errors. ECC RAM ensures greater system stability at the expense of performance, so it is ideal for server applications where the correctness of data writing and reading is important.

DDR4 ECC RAM for servers

Each motherboard has a manufacturer's declared number of slots for RAM memory dice. By adding or replacing ECC RAM bones, server performance can be effectively improved, and DDR4 standard bones provide maximum benefits. When choosing additional RAM, you need to consider the compatibility of the components with the motherboard and the clock speed of the current RAM. DDR4 ECC RAM for servers is one of the best solutions available on the market to support the functioning of your IT system.

What DDR4 ECC parameters should I pay attention to?

When choosing RAM for your server, you should pay attention to all the important parameters that will talk about the performance of the component and compatibility with your device. So what parameters of DDR4 ECC RAM are important?

The first thing to look out for is the type of server memory. Nowadays, the most popular types are ECC UDIMM, ECC Registered (RDIMM) and Load Reduced (LRDIMM). This is very important because each server or workstation supports a specific type of memory and if you install a different type of memory than that specified by the manufacturer, it may turn out that the device will not work. Another important parameter is, of course, the memory clocking, as it affects the speed of data reading.

In our range you will find dedicated ECC RAM based on the best DDR4 standard, which is designed for server applications. You can choose between components that will match the requirements of your company's server motherboard. If you are not sure which type of dice will be suitable, write to us. Our consultants will be happy to match components to the hardware requirements of your server.