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Server power supplies - types

Physical servers, as complex technical devices, are characterised by uninterrupted operation and should operate without power interruptions for years. For this reason, suitable power supplies must be selected to meet the requirements of a properly functioning server. Our range includes UPS uninterruptible power supplies for servers, which can be mounted in a rack. This makes it easy for you to keep your server room tidy.

UPSs are designed to keep equipment working in the event of a mains power failure or outage. When choosing a UPS, pay attention to its technical parameters. The most important issue will be the technology on which it is based - online UPS maintain and process the voltage non-stop, while line-interactive type power supplies enter the work mode.

Consider that online power supplies draw more power due to their constant mode of operation, and require adequate cooling due to the nature of continuous activity. However, it is a good solution for devices that are sensitive to voltage changes - eliminating the problems associated with switching from mains to battery power.

We also offer PDUs, which are power distribution units designed to distribute the mains or battery power (from the UPS) to network devices. They have a large number of sockets so that many units can be connected, and the possibility of mounting them in a rack makes them functional. Thanks to PDUs, you will achieve optimum energy efficiency.

Power supplies for servers - what should I look for?

The most important technical parameters of power supplies are nominal and maximum power, backup time and phase voltage. To protect the operation of servers, it is worth choosing power supplies with batteries, which are characterised by a long period of energy backup. In our range, you will find tower batteries for external energy storage or rack batteries for smaller servers.

We also offer a selection of dedicated accessories with which you can extend your power supply system with the possibility of remote UPS management. This allows you to configure the settings of the power supply controller.

Which power supplies should I choose?

Our range includes UPS and PDUs that are suitable for any server room. To ensure the best possible energy management, we recommend combining both types of power supply. Our battery back-ups are designed to keep the volatile memory powered up in the event of a mains power failure and allow data to be safely backed up to non-volatile memory.