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JBOF - what is it? 

JBOF (Just a Bunch of Flash) is a modern server solution, providing for the use of solid-state drives (SSDs). The name is reminiscent of JBOD (Just a Bunch of Disks), which are multi-drive HDD platforms, most commonly found in a rack. JBOF is a server platform suitable for creating large storage space, but is a much more efficient and cost-effective solution than using HDDs.  

SSDs operate more efficiently due to the use of Flash memory technology. As a result, they can support server rooms in large companies, where both large data storage space and the ability to access and write information quickly are useful. Although SSDs do not offer as large a capacity as HDDs, with JBOF there are no restrictions on combining them into large RAID disk groups. By doing so, it is possible to create an optimised server that can hold many TBs of information while responding efficiently to real-time read and write requests, thereby improving operational efficiency. 

Just a Bunch of Flash [JBOF] - is it worth using such server solutions? 

SSDs, while not providing as much data storage space, are much more resistant to mechanical damage than HDDs. This is because solid state drives do not rely on moving parts, and by not using magnetic platters, the possibility of damage is reduced. An additional advantage of using SSDs is their silent operation, which can prove extremely convenient as the accumulation of noisy devices usually requires soundproofing of server rooms located near workplaces.  

SSD technologies run faster due to the use of Flash memory. This makes the JBOF suitable for use where not only large data storage space is important, but also fast server response so that the information base can be accessed in real time, by multiple users.  

An SSD is also a good solution from an economic point of view - it consumes significantly less power than a HDD. As a result, a server that needs to operate continuously for many years will be energy efficient. SSDs are by design the best modern solution for laptops, and more recently they have also been recognised as components of servers.

NVMe JBOF platform 

NVMe is an extremely high-performance, scalable solution for SSD server platforms (JBOF). The NVMe interface allows NVMe devices to connect to servers via a PCIe 3 or 4 connector - meaning NVMe servers are maximised for SSD use. They improve overall server performance and enable exceptionally fast connectivity, improving the efficiency of the entire platform.  

If you are looking for a modern server solution that meets the needs of your business, we offer platforms with up to 24 drives and 184 TB of capacity. This means you can easily create a high-performance server room that can be expanded with ease. Thanks to Flash technology, the use of the server will be fast and efficient, and its lifespan will increase in relation to the use of JBOD. 
It is worth remembering that the JBOF is an energy efficient and quiet solution, so it is suitable for creating a modern server room that will last for many years. JBOF is the perfect solution if you want to retain the ability to quickly repair or replace components, as well as adding new components if you need to expand with additional drives or other components. 

When you choose JBOF from our range, you get the highest quality hardware, for which we give a five-year warranty. Just a Bunch of Flash is a server platform which is gaining popularity and is increasingly used in companies in the IT industry. If you are not sure what equipment will meet your needs and work best in your company, write to us - our specialists will give you professional advice and help you choose equipment.