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DDR5 is a technology that we have been waiting for quite a long time. RAM dice of the DDR5 type have brought a long-awaited revolution in the world of technology and allow devices to adapt their operation according to their purpose. What is new with the DDR5 type of RAM? How does it compare with its predecessors? Is it possible to choose DDR5 RAM ECC and is it worth using them in laptops? 

DDR5 is a completely new approach that supports the performance of hardware, whether it is for home or work use, as well as matching the technology envisaged for server platforms. DDR5 brings exceptionally high clock frequencies - up to 7200 MHz at the moment, which is twice as high as the previous DDR4 technology. At the same time, it is worth noting that DDR5 RAM dice have been designed in such a way that the current consumption necessary for the proper operation of the subassembly is minimised. Thus, DDR5 dice operate at 1.1 V, giving significantly higher performance than DDR4. 
DDR5 ECC dice are intended for server applications. ECC, or Error Correction Code, is a system that catches data bit transfer errors while allowing single (single bit correction) or double (double bit correction) corrupted bits to be changed. The use of the ECC system in RAM means that the stability of the server can be increased, which, however, has hitherto been associated with reduced performance.  

However, DDR5 ECC is a completely new technology that guarantees a completely different, higher performance, so using ECC in work computers can be a good solution - even the reduction in performance of the RAM dice will not be felt, as the new technology guarantees good throughput. Is it worth using DDR5 ECC RAM in computers? You can use them, but it is not necessary. However, the ECC solution will always prove itself in servers and workstations where stable, uninterrupted operation is a priority over clocking and throughput. 

DDR5 ECC RAM - how to choose the right one? 

When choosing RAM, remember to match the interface to the motherboard. DDR5 is a new technology that cannot be used in every case. It is required to use a new generation processor that is compatible with the DDR5 type. The new RAM dice offer interesting solutions - one of the novelties is increased communication channels - the modules are assigned double channels, with the same data transfer bandwidth.  

With this change, instead of using a DDR4 dual channel bone, you can use a single DDR5 bone with the same effect. Also completely new is the possibility to use a dual channel DDR5 RAM bone - this gives you an interesting option not available in the earlier standard dice, i.e. four-channel mode.  

When deciding which RAM dice to choose, you need to pay attention to your hardware requirements and performance expectations. You can choose RAM with different capacities, in the case of DDR5 ECC from 8 to even 64 GB. At the same time, you should select the bone in relation to the required clock frequency. In our range, you will find DDR5 ECC RAMs reaching from 4800 to 5600 MHz, so much more than was offered by the previous generation of dice. 
The CL-index, which describes the latency of data transfer relative to the moment of request, is also important. The lower the ratio, the better, but in the case of new dice, it is not just the number that should be taken into account. The clock frequency must also be taken into account. Therefore, a CL of 40, at high clock rates, will give similar or even better real-time performance than DDR 4 with a CL of 9. 

DDR5 ECC RAM - our offer

In our online shop you will find the new generation of RAM dice, type DDR5 with ECC system from well-known brands, including Samsung, Hynix or Micron. The range of DDR5 RAM dice is constantly growing, so if you are not sure which one to choose, write to us - our specialists will give you professional advice. When you decide to buy DDR5 ECC dice, you gain unique possibilities with several years of hardware warranty.