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Memory RAM for Supermicro

With the selection of memory for your Supermicro server, you can increase the performance of the device.  Always keep in mind that the RAM must be compatible with the motherboard, so we suggest selecting the right RAM for the different servers from the manufacturer Supermicro - SuperServer, ProcessorBlade, Motherboard, SuperStorage or SuperWorkstation. When choosing additional RAM bones, pay attention to the clock frequency of your current components.

Supermicro server memory - which parameters is important?

A server from manufacturer Supermicro requires a selection of dedicated RAM. Although they are designed to be used together with the other key components of the server, the different models of Supermicro RAM dice differ in their parameters. Which parameters should you pay attention to? In case of servers, the stability of the system is important, due to the fact that the equipment is intended for continuous operation. In our offer we have dedicated RAM for Supermicro servers that will meet your needs and will be compatible with the rest of the server components. You will find Supermicro RAM dice with capacities from 8 GB to 128 GB, which operate at frequencies up to 3200 MHz in DDR4 version. We offer also DDR5 ECC, ECC REG and LRDIMM.