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Drives for DELL  

HDD server drives for DELL are components designed to run continuously with selected servers. Unlike the popular SSD format, magnetic drives are slightly larger and run slower as they do not support flash memory. As such, they are designed for the work of storing large amounts of data, and not necessarily for enabling fast access to it.  

Notwithstanding the considerable popularity of SSDs, magnetic storage media have not gone out of fashion and are still readily used where there is a need to store packets of data for a long time. Hard drives for DELL are a large range of components that differ in certain parameters and may be more or less efficient. Due to the various purposes of servers, you can choose a HDD that will allow for faster access to files, or one that will retain more data and is designed for continuous operation of the server. 

In our online shop we present a large range of HDDs for DELL servers, which will be useful to create optimal memory space for the server, depending on the designated function. You can choose from disks of different capacities, which, due to the chosen interface, will be characterized by different bandwidth. These are good quality equivalents from the manufacturer with a guarantee of the highest quality. 

Dell server hard drives - which one to choose?

If you want to complete your Dell server hardware, you should choose the right dedicated drives for your chosen environment. Although the main criterion for choice is always the capacity of the drive, it is not the only parameter you should pay attention to. A good dedicated HDD must have the right parameters, adapted to the continuous operation of the server, depending on its purpose. 

HDD capacities can be as high as 22TB, which is extremely beneficial for storage spaces that are used to store large amounts of data that does not need to be accessed all the time but is only used occasionally. 

In addition to capacity, look for the drive interface. This must be compatible with the Dell server you are using and its components. We offer Dell Server Drives in either SATA or SAS interface. The SAS format affects the performance of the hard drive, so it's a good choice for servers that need to share data files frequently.  

Not every device can support SAS HDDs. If your server is only compatible with a SATA controller, choose a drive with a compatible interface. This is a good solution for servers that are designed to store data, such as surveillance footage, that is not frequently used. 

Also pay attention to the cache parameter. It is responsible for the disk performance, so if you intend to use the stored data frequently, choose a disk with the highest possible cache value. For server work on unused data, you can choose a HDD with a smaller cache. It will respond much slower to requests, but fast access to data is not necessary for such a server.

DELL Server Disk Drives - offer

In our assortment you will find dedicated DELL server drives designed for use in PowerEgde servers. You can choose from components with capacities ranging from 1 to 18 TB, which are perfect as spare parts or components to extend the functionality of the server.  

Among the DELL server drives you can find components with different parameters, which will allow you to freely adjust the components to the requirements of the server's use. Each drive available on our website is covered by warranty, so you can be sure to choose the highest quality drive.  

If you're not sure which drive is right for you, write to us - our specialists will answer all your questions and help you choose the right equipment for its intended use.