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DDR4 RAM dice are now most commonly found in new laptop or computer models. DDR 4 memory is characterised by higher clocking and throughput while reducing power consumption. When choosing DDR 4 it is worth paying attention to the CL (CAS latency) parameter - the lower it is, the lower latency is guaranteed by the selected memory. Performance combined with minimal time between sending a request and reading data and energy-saving format DDR4, operating at voltage in the range of 1.05 - 1.2 V, is currently the most popular and beneficial type of RAM dice.

DDR4 non-ECC vs ECC - the differences

The data bit error correction system, or ECC, characterizes RAM bones with an extended data bus. Thanks to this, redundant control bits are sent with data packets, which enable correction consisting in single-error-correcting or two bits (Double-error-correcting). The operation of DDR4 ECC RAM affects the stable operation of systems wherever continuous, reliable computer operation is necessary, mainly in the case of workstations and servers.

DDR4 non-ECC is the best solution in personal computers, because possible errors do not threaten to stop work in many units, and their appearance can be easily repaired. Non-ECC dice are more efficient and will affect the speed of data processing, which is the main premise of DDR4 RAM with increased timing compared to previous generation dice, combined with an energy-efficient format. Choosing dice with an optimum capacity of 16 GB will make your computer handle large amounts of data quickly, and work on demanding software will not be a challenge burdening your computer. 

DDR4 non-ECC RAM - recommended models

In our offer you will find non-ECC RAM dice in DDR4 version, which will increase the performance of your computer. We especially recommend models from Samsung, Micron and Hynix as they are the key DRAM manufacturers. 

Check the full offer of and choose the RAM die that will significantly affect the performance of your equipment. If you're not sure which memory is right for your computer - write to us. Our specialists will help you choose the right RAM to fit your device.