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Wi-Fi routers for home and office

Network routers are one of the most important elements of a well-functioning Internet connection. They are needed not only in homes, for personal use, but also in large companies where the quality and speed of the connection matters. A good router provides the ability to wirelessly connect to a Wi-Fi network the output devices you use every day: SmartTV, smartphones or laptops, and additionally allows wireless communication between equipment - so you can connect your phone to a printer or speakers without any problems.

As technology advances, smart hardware solutions that require internet connectivity are becoming more and more common - such as coffee machines or washing machines with the ability to be managed by a dedicated app, not to mention entire Smart Home automation systems. Therefore, there is a growing demand for a really good network router, which will ensure constant, possibly lossless connection with the Internet.

In businesses, different types of routers have more or less the same task - to share the Internet with all the devices necessary for work, and additionally to work losslessly under a heavy load, which also depends on the number of users of a given network. When choosing Wi-Fi routers, you need to know what you really want from the equipment and choose a device that will meet the daily challenges.

Routers - how to choose the right model?

Routers for home use should be characterised by a fairly large range with fast data transfer at the same time. In most cases, the simplest models will suffice, but when dealing with many devices and a large area, it's worth choosing an additional Access Point, which will provide excellent network coverage in the house and garden. For gamers and streamers, 3- and 4-port routers are the best choice, equipped with additional security features and options for file sharing and media streaming.

For office routers that are intended to support multiple users and several levels of a building, it is best to use the best performing routers with a wide range of configurations, wired to switches and with additional ports to connect a mesh of Access Points.

Routers - types available

Routers differ mainly in terms of the type of network connection they support. In our offer you will find fibre routers with RJ-45 module (LAN ports), which support connections of local providers and fibre-optic Internet, although LTE routers are also very popular. Our assortment consists of the highest quality equipment - we give you a guarantee of reliability both in the case of choosing brand new devices and used ones.

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