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Intel Server SSDs 

When setting up your server, you are faced with the choice of suitable hard disk drives, which are its key components. Storing large amounts of data is the most important function of a server, which also includes fast data handling and stable, continuous operation. You will find Intel SSD dedicated server hard disks in various capacities from 240 GB to 7.68 TB.

SSD drives

SSDs are much faster and more efficient than HDDs due to their design based on NAND flash memory technology. They are not as susceptible to mechanical damage as they have no moving parts that can fail. Due to their small size and the lack of noise associated with their operation, they are considered a convenient and comfortable solution. The Intel SSDs available in our online shop use the SATA interface - it is worth paying attention to the interfaces of other server components before purchasing the drives, as they need to be compatible with each other. Intel SATA server drives have a bandwidth of 6 Gb/s.  

When choosing the right server drive, it is worth paying attention to its capacity. SSDs, although more efficient, do not offer as much storage space as HDDs. They can be successfully used in servers that are primarily intended to provide fast storage and access to data, but in Storage type servers, where a huge amount of storage space is needed, it is better to use HDD - it is definitely a cheaper option.  

Among Intel server drives you will find models that offer faster write speeds of up to 520 MB/s, but depending on your needs, you can also choose correspondingly poorer drives in this regard, writing data at 280 MB/s. It is worth remembering that SSDs are an energy-efficient option, and can therefore provide optimum conditions for maintaining a server that, by its very nature, needs to be designed for continuous, uninterrupted operation. 

Intel Server SSDs

At you will find Intel server drives dedicated to the Intel Server S2600BP, S2600ST and S2600WF. SSDs based on flash memory technology provide fast read requests and are suitable for use in servers that are designed to share data in real time.  

If you want to build a Storage array, you need to be prepared to buy more SSDs, as they do not offer as much storage space as HDDs. However, they can prove to be a good solution due to their silent operation and much higher reliability, which will ensure stable server operation. 
When choosing Intel SSDs for your server, look at a few specifications to help you choose the right models for the job. First of all, evaluate your storage needs. You can choose from 240GB, 480GB or larger capacities up to 1.92TB. With the right SSD, you can create the right server for your needs. 

In addition to capacity, maximum read and write speeds are also important when choosing an SSD server drive. To create a high-performance server, select drives with minimum read speeds of 250MB/s and write speeds of 170MB/s. Intel SSDs offer maximum read speeds of 540-560MB/s and maximum write speeds of 280MB/s or 520MB/s, making them ideal for use in servers designed for real-time data sharing. 

It is also worth paying attention to the product warranty. At, we give a 3-year warranty on Intel dedicated SSDs for servers. SSDs are less prone to failure than HDDs, but their overall lifespan is slightly lower. With newer technologies, also from Intel, you can count on several years of smooth operation.  

If you're not sure which Intel SSD server drive is right for your server, write to us and our specialists will help you choose the hardware.