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HPE Server Memory

RAM (Random Access Memory) is one of the most important components supporting proper operation of any computer, including server computers. Selection of an appropriate RAM memory primarily affects the performance and stability of the server, and thus the speed of reading access requests. HPE server memory consists of dedicated RAM bones that prove themselves in server applications.

With the selection of memory for HPE server, you can easily increase the capabilities of your hardware, depending on the declared number of slots in the motherboard. Always remember that the RAM die must be compatible with the motherboard, so we recommend choosing dedicated HPE memory for HPE servers. Adding new bones does not always have a positive impact on the hardware performance - pay attention to the clock frequency of the current RAM bone. The additional memory should offer the same clock speed parameters.

Which memory should I choose for my HPE server? 

A particular manufacturer's server requires the selection of dedicated RAM. Although they are designed to be used together with the selected motherboard, individual RAM models for HPE differ in their parameters. Which parameters are worth paying attention to? While the clocking alone will affect the fastest possible data reading, it is not the only feature of the dice that you should consider. In the case of servers, the stability of the system is important, due to the fact that the equipment is intended for permanent operation. The most important specifications for RAM dice are: 

  • Memory type - continuous server operation requires energy-efficient solutions, so it is a good idea to choose memory in the DDR4 standard, which is more optimised and adapted to continuous operation at voltages between 1.05 and 1.2V.

  • CL latency (CAS latency) - suggests the time between sending a request and reading data. The lower the CL value, the lower the likelihood of delay. 

Dedicated memory for HPE servers

The best and stable operation of the server is ensured by dedicated RAM for HP with ECC (Error Correction Code) system. This type of memory is characterised by an extended data bus and the function of transmitting the control code along with the data, which catches possible transmission errors. The ECC RAM enables the replacement of an erroneous bit (single-error-correction) or a pair of bits (double-error-correction). Code correction enables continuous operation of the server and ensures system stability, although it does not necessarily affect hardware performance.

In our range you will find dedicated RAM for HP servers that exactly matches the technical specifications of your server. We offer both new models of HP RAM dice, as well as used ones that have been properly serviced and will work well for server applications. If you are not quite sure what type of dice will be suitable for your HP server, write to us - our advisors will be happy to match the components to the hardware requirements of your device.