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Intel Xeon processors - what should you know?

Xeon - a line of Intel processors, produced with server solutions in mind, which is why they differ from typical processors used in personal computers. First of all, they are supposed to work continuously, from the moment of starting up, in accordance with the assumptions of server operation. They are fail-safe processors, but require adequate cooling.

Intel Xeon is stripped of the redundant components popularly used in home-use processors in favour of extensive technology to support large data arrays. They support technologies designed for servers, such as server RAM ECC (Error Correction Code), which differs from typical RAM in its extended data bus and the function of sending a control code along with the data. Such code catches transmission errors and the ECC RAM itself ensures optimum system stability for servers. In addition, the Xeon server processor includes more cores with Hyper-Threading technology, which enables more threads to be supported within a single core.

Xeon server processor - which one to choose?

When deciding which server processor to purchase, verify your company's needs. For small businesses looking for optimum data storage, a Bronze series Xeon server processor is the best choice. These are relatively cheap but reliable processors that can support up to 8 cores and up to 1.5TB of RAM. They feature up to 11MB of ephemeral Cache memory, which improves data throughput. Unlike other Intel Xeon processors, they do not run on Hyper Threading technology, making them recommended for use in small businesses.

For larger storage management sectors, we recommend choosing Intel Xeon from the Silver family - all of which can operate in a dual-processor configuration. They contain up to 12 cores and feature a larger Cache memory. For those looking for a really good solution for large servers, we recommend Intel Xeon processors in the Gold version. With 6 TB of RAM, up to 22 cores and 30 MB of Cache memory, these are technological solutions which provide performance and data security at a very high level.

Intel Xeon Platinum processors are the Intel branded series for special tasks. They work in multiprocessor configuration (8 and more), have up to 28 cores and over 38 MB of RAM. They will prove useful in specialised companies that base their activity on the IT scope, where maximum reliability and possibility to expand the equipment count. If you have any doubts about choosing a server processor, write to us - our consultants will give you professional advice and help you choose the best CPU for your server.