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Storage controllers - when are they useful?

Internal hard disk controllers factory-connected to processors may prove insufficient when there is a need to expand the server's storage resources or create a disk array. Manufacturers offer controllers in the form of separate cards with output to the PCI Express connector. If you are looking for the right solution to match your computer components, check out our range of memory controllers.

It may happen that older motherboards only have a SATA type connector. This is problematic for those who would like to overclock the computer's capabilities and connect a more powerful hard drive with an M.2 connector - in which case it is not physically possible to change components or simply have more drives. In this case, a suitable port must be created by connecting storage controllers.

Disk controllers are also useful if you need to create a disk array. This is usually to improve hardware performance, increase disk space, or improve data security.

Disk array and relevant storage controllers

If your server lacks available interfaces to connect additional disks, or if you need additional protection and access to critical data, you should use RAID technology in combination with appropriate memory controllers. Our range includes controllers that help you create an efficient memory space, seen as a logical whole in RAID 0 technology.

If the purpose of a memory controller is to increase the security of data storage, models adapted to RAID 1 technology, which creates a so-called mirror copy, will prove useful. For servers, it is worth investing in storage controllers with more ports - our offer includes controllers with up to 10 disks. The most popular are controllers for SATA/SAS solutions in RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 0+1 and RAID 1+0 combinations.

Memory controllers - how do I find the right model?

Our range includes hard disk controllers from the SmartArray and MegaRAID families, which support SAS, SATA or NVMe interfaces. In addition to controllers with the most common PCIe bay type (low profile), we offer controllers with modular a/b/c type, as well as Mezzanine Card.

You will find memory controllers with internal connectors of the type SFF-8487 and the popular SFF-8644 (Mini-SAS HD), SFF-8654 (SlimSAS) and PCIe controllers to connect the drive. Controllers with external connectors SFF-8088, commonly referred to as Mini-SAS, are suitable for connecting external drives and external disk arrays. When choosing a controller, we recommend paying attention to the Cache parameter - it is particularly important in servers. In addition to controllers, our offer also includes HBA (Host bust adapter), which is used to connect several devices with each other.