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Switch - what is it and when is it useful?

A switch is a network device that connects network segments. It works by receiving, exchanging, processing and transferring data between network devices such as routers, computers, servers, IP cameras, access points or printers. Switches are made up of a power supply and a number of RJ-45 connectors, and in better versions, also SFP or SFP+ ports.

Switches are mainly useful in complex IT networks, e.g. in large companies or the increasingly popular smart home systems. They can be used for personal needs, if there is a need to create a fault-tolerant home LAN, or to increase the connectivity of many home devices to the network.


Network switches - types

The simplest, general division of Switch switches is made by the criteria of manageability. Unmanaged Switches are the simplest type of device - it has no configuration options, requires only power supply and connection of selected network devices. Managed switches allow for configuration in the field of IP address filtering, redundancy of connections between devices (creation of additional communication bands, to ensure higher reliability and network throughput), or creation of vlans.

Network switches may additionally have PoE (Power over Ethernet) ports, which will power network devices. Switches are available in two types of casing - RACK, which provides the possibility of mounting in a server rack, and DESKTOP, which is an independent format of casing.

Our offer includes switches with different number of ports - from 4 to 50, so you can adjust the type of device to your preferences and assumptions related to the development of the network. It is worth checking how many ports a given switch supports PoE and has SFP type ports. SFP is a kind of a micro transmitter-receiver, plugged into the connectors of network devices. It allows you to extend the functionality of a given device with additional communication standards - for this reason this module is often referred to as an SFP transceiver.

Switches - what can you find in our offer? 

Choose the best solution to suit your needs. In our assortment you will find network switches from well-known and respected manufacturers: HPE, NETGEAR, or Zyxel. We offer the best components, which will prove useful both in large companies and for use in homes, both for building a comfortable network of devices and for creating complex home automation management systems. Network systems require proven devices in order to function properly, so if you have any questions about choosing equipment - call us. Our consultants will give you professional advice.