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RAM DDR5 ECC registered - RDIMM

RAM for servers should include the ECC (Error Correction Code) system, which captures defective data bits and replaces them singly (single bit correction) or doubly (double bit correction). By capturing erroneous bits in transmitted data packets and replacing them in real time, the system operates stably and does not interrupt operation. This is particularly desirable in servers, where the stability of continuous operation is of paramount importance.  

RAM DDR5 ECC REG has additional circuitry, amplifying the signal in the module itself. This ensures that the server's operation is efficient, while protecting it from stalling due to data errors. Dice of this type are not exactly desirable in personal laptops, due to the fact that error correction comes at the expense of performance. In the case of a work laptop, errors can be corrected easily and quickly, and the possible stoppage of system operation for a few minutes does not have such a huge negative effect as it might have on a server used by many users.

DDR 5 RAM - next generation memory RAM 

DDR5 is a completely new and long-awaited technology that brings new hardware capabilities. DDR5 RAM, first of all, more than doubles the clock frequency and reduces power consumption during operation. Thanks to the new DDR5 RAM dice, it is possible to achieve higher throughput and speed of hardware while maintaining energy-saving conditions. This is a revolutionary solution, which finds its application not only in laptops, but above all in servers and workstations.  

However, it is important to note that the RAM die must be compatible with the motherboard, which is why DDR5 dice are only compatible with new generation motherboards. What exactly does the use of the new type of DDR5 RAM change? How does its specification compare with its predecessors?

DDR 4 vs. DDR 5 

DDR5 is all about high clock frequencies - now as high as 7200 MHz, twice as high as the previous DDR4 technology, which offered clock frequencies of 3200 MHz. The new DDR5 dice are designed to be energy efficient - the current consumption required for proper operation of the dice has been minimised to 1.1V. As a reminder, DDR4 RAM operates at around 1.2 V, but also provides significantly less capacity.

It is also worth noting the CL latency parameter, which, although it seems higher at first glance - around 40, actually ensures efficient and effective operation, at a much better level than DDR3 or DDR4. This is due to the much higher clock frequency, so the CL parameter alone should be compared with the capabilities of the new bone and the latency should be checked in real time. The performance of DDR5 dice minimises latency and allows for fast, efficient data transfer.  

DDR 5 offers completely new possibilities. One of them is increased communication channels - the modules are assigned dual channels, with the same data transfer bandwidth. Thus, instead of using a DDR4 dual channel RAM bone, you can use a single DDR5 bone with the same effect. It is also possible to use a dual-channel DDR5 RAM bone to achieve a four-channel mode - this option was previously impossible with standard RAM dice. 

RAM DDR5 ECC REG - offer 

In our online shop you will find DDR5 ECC -registered RAM dice in several interesting versions from well-known brands, including, for example, Hynix. Looking for optimal server solutions, you can choose dice with capacities from 16 to 256 GB and clock frequencies of 4800 MHz.  

The new possibilities offered by the DDR5 type are a long-awaited revolution which, in addition to increasing performance, also guarantees considerable energy efficiency. DDR5 ECC RAM dice are a good solution for all modern servers, but if you have any doubts about choosing the right RAM, ask - our specialists will give you professional advice before you buy.