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What kind of server drives? 

Without a hard drive, or storage, a computer does not collect and retain information. You cannot store data on a device that does not have components responsible for giving you the storage space you want. The components responsible for the mass memory of a computer can be divided into two types - SSD (solid-state drive) and HDD (hard disk drive). The former are based on flash memory and are therefore inherently faster, but more expensive. The still popular magnetic versions are still used thanks to their much lower price in relation to TB and are still being developed

HDDs are still used in desktop computers and have proven themselves as components for storing large amounts of data on servers. Server memory is responsible for collecting and storing information that is not accessed at a high frequency. Therefore, there is no need to install SSD components in a server whose task is focused on storing archived or rarely used data.  

Dedicated server HDDs are components designed for continuous operation with the selected server model. In our offer you will find a wide range of magnetic HDD storage media, which will differ in selected parameters due to their adaptation to work in a specific environment. 

HDD server drives - how to choose the right model? 

By opting for a server that operates on larger sized HDDs, you gain the opportunity to create convenient storage space at an affordable price. Although most modern servers are based on SSD memory, there are often mixed solutions, depending on the intended functionality of the server. 
It's worth remembering that SSDs enable faster access to data and are more efficient, so if you envisage your server not only storing data, but also responding to user requests fairly quickly, choose flash-based technology. If, on the other hand, the server is mainly intended to store data and not operate on it at a high frequency, the HDD version is perfectly adequate. Such solutions are ideal, for example, for recording surveillance footage. 

How to choose the right drive? The HDD components available in our offer, adjusted to work in a selected environment, support QNAP or Syngology servers. When deciding on a particular hard drive, pay attention to the basic parameters, which classify their capabilities. These include:
Capacity - key to creating the optimum storage for collecting large amounts of data. The HDDs in our range vary in capacity, so you can match the model to its intended use and personal preference. You'll find components ranging from 300GB to as much as 22TB of data.  

Interface - The most important thing is to choose a drive with an interface that is compatible with the standards of the other components in the server. The most common are SATA and SAS. Although the SAS format improves HDD performance, a suitable controller is needed to support these HDDs. If your server is only compatible with SATA, or you are simply unsure, then choose SATA.  

In our offer you will find dedicated HDDs for the server with different parameters. By selecting components according to the intended functionality of the device, you will create an effectively operating server that meets your needs. Our HDDs come with a few years of warranty. If you are looking for a way to increase the usability of your server, but do not know which drive will provide the best results, write to us - our specialists will help you choose the components so that the server works efficiently and provides safe storage of your data.