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RAM (Random Access Memory) is the basic unit of computer memory, but there are several types of it. The basic distinction includes important parameters that affect the performance of the entire device. One of them is the presence of the ECC (Error Correction Code) coding system. This type of ECC memory protects every bit of the data flow from being corrupted.

ECC works by checking individual units of information for transmission errors so that logical errors in the data transfer area are detected. Such errors relate to the instability of digital information storage, which is why ECC is a particularly important system when selecting RAM for servers that handle large amounts of data continuously.
Non-ECC refers to RAM dice that do not contain this type of protection. As a rule, non-ECC memory works well in personal computers, as improving the stability of the system in a laptop will not significantly affect the quality of work of a single user, and is associated with a reduction in the performance of the device.

Non-ECC vs ECC - What is the difference?

The main difference between non-ECC and ECC RAM dice is the presence of an extended data bus in the case of components with the Error Correction Code system. This component allows for the correct transmission of data along with the control code, which, in the event of a problem, corrects the files in real time and takes care of the stability of the system on which the server is based.

Non-ECC RAM does not detect or correct logical errors within the data transfer, so in case of corrupted information, application data errors are displayed and the system loses stability. However, it is worth noting that ECC memories do not guarantee the fastest possible operation, but only ensure stability. Therefore, personal units do not require the use of ECC-enabled dice.


In our offer you will find a wide range of RAM dice designed for use in personal computers, which do not support ECC error correction. If you want your unit to work efficiently and fast, these dice will guarantee the best performance. For servers that run in a local area network, speed is less important than stability. Errors related to PC operation do not need to be corrected in real time.

Standard operating memory, i.e. the one without error correction system, is cheaper, but also suitable for home applications. On the other hand, non-ECC dice provide faster and more efficient operation, which is a big plus when it comes to PCs. If you are not sure which non-ECC RAM bone to choose for your computer - write to us. Our specialists will help you choose the right hardware according to your expectations and requirements for your computer.