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CPU cooling - types

The CPU is one of the computer components that generate a lot of heat during operation. It makes sense to use optimally adjusted fans or heat sinks to protect your hardware from overheating. We offer a wide range of heat dissipation devices - both internal and external.

If you are looking for a solution to ensure passive cooling of the processor in your server, check out our range of heat sinks. Heat sinks allow you to maintain an optimal CPU temperature without the need for air fans. They are especially recommended for rack servers, due to the limited space for mounting additional devices. Furthermore, unlike most air fans, they are quiet in operation.

There are also hybrid technologies, based on fan-assisted heat sink operation. It is true that large server systems, which operate continuously under considerable load, require proven cooling methods and here it is best to opt for active cooling, using fans to increase cooling efficiency.

Computer cooling vs server cooling

For PCs, it is recommended to use passive heatsinks that are up to the task and maintain the correct CPU temperature during computer operation. It is not necessary to use a special connection with active coolers, due to the limited runtime of a low-performance device.

For servers that run continuously, a hybrid solution is worth considering. It is worth paying attention to the design and technical parameters of cooling fans. Larger fan size and higher rotation speed will affect the cooling performance, but at the same time generate more noise. In the case of closed servers, however, this will not affect the comfort of work. A suitable bearing reduces the noise of the fan, and a suitable plug will allow the fan to be controlled from the motherboard.

The CPU-specific heatsinks available in our shop are able to provide the highest level of passive cooling, so it is not necessary to install additional fans in small servers.

CPU cooler - what to choose?

If you are looking for an optimal cooling solution for your computer or server, first of all check the motherboard - the components must be compatible with the available sockets. In our offer you will find heatsinks dedicated to specific servers, compatible with HP or Dell devices. We offer both passive and hybrid heat sinks - if you are not sure which option is right for your hardware, write to us. Our consultants will be happy to answer your questions and provide professional advice.